Service advice

You can submit a non-urgent service advice with this form. They are read on weekdays during normal office hours.

Defects that require urgent and immediate repair should be reported directly to our office during business hours, tel. (02) 275 2100.

Service duty and door opening service

Outside normal working hours, on-call duty is handled by on-call duty service. It only handles work that cannot be left to be repaired during weekdays due to the spread of danger or damage.

The price of the door opening made by the on-call duty service to the resident is 49 €, which is paid by an invoice sent afterwards.

Please note! If the work ordered through the on-call service turns out to be the responsibility of the owner or tenant of the apartment, an invoice can be sent to the customer that ordered the work (e.g. replacement of a fuse in the apartment).

Please call the property maintenance service duty tel. (02) 275 2138.

Akseli makes day-to-day life smoother – property maintenance services in Turku and surrounding areas

Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy is a Turku-based property service company whose service offering includes property maintenance, cleaning, domestic engineering, building automation and waste management. We take care of our customers with the help of approximately 90 property professionals.

Akseli has its roots in regional maintenance companies, which were established to take care of the growing suburbs of Varissuo and Lauste. Our objective is to offer all our customers the same familiar and high-quality care from a local service company as at the beginning of our operations.

You can find the Varissuo office at Karvataskunkatu 1 and the Lauste office at Kirjurinkatu 3.

The corporate group’s management services have been separated into the subsidiary, Turun Isännöintikeskus Oy.