1. Make a notification of change of address. One notification is enough. Your information will be updated with a single notification to both the population information system maintained by the local registry offices and the post office. When you make the notification well in advance of moving, you will immediately secure your mail to the correct address.
The notification of change of address can be made on the joint online service of Posti and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency at https://www.posti.fi/changeaddress/.

Your new address information is automatically transmitted from the population information system to the authorities, e.g. members of parishes to parishes, vehicle administration, Kela, tax administration and the defence forces. In addition, many pension institutions, banks, insurance companies, organizations, newspaper agencies and companies receive new addresses directly from the population information system.

2. Also file a notification of change of address for property maintenance and property management (also applies to name changes and the birth of a child).

3. If you report the meter readings for your apartment yourself, be sure to do this when you move out to get a correct final invoice.

4. Terminate the old one and make a new electricity contract.

5. Order a landline phone transfer from your subscription provider.

6. Transfer your broadband contract.

7. Transfer your home insurance.

8. Terminate your lease agreement, a notification of change of address is not the same as terminating the lease agreement.

9. Notify Kela of your move if you receive housing allowance.

10. Terminate your parking space.

11. Cancel your sauna shift.

12. Completely empty the apartment and all its facilities (balcony, storage closet, cold cellar) from your own belongings.

13. Be sure to hand over all the keys to the apartment, common areas, garages and car heating sockets, and the mailbox.

14. Make sure that the water and drain connections of the washing machine and dishwasher are plugged. If you cannot get the connections plugged in yourself, contact the property maintenance.