The shareholder and the resident have the right to use their apartment as they wish within the framework of common rules. The shareholder and the housing cooperative have shared responsibility for the maintenance of the apartment. You can find a more detailed division of responsibilities here. By law, the shareholder or the tenant must carefully take care of the apartment.

The shareholder and the tenant have a duty to notify matters to be repaired. The tenant must immediately notify the landlord and the shareholder’s housing cooperative of any damage to the apartment or any defect of which the shareholder or the housing cooperative is responsible for to repair. The notification shall be made immediately if, to prevent further damage, repairs must be undertaken without a delay. Failure to notify may result in an obligation to pay compensation.

Fulfilling the maintenance and reporting obligations of the shareholder and the tenant helps to ensure that the service charge remains reasonable and that, for example, damage caused by water leaks does not, if prolonged, cause major problems that result in high repair costs.

In community housing must also take into account the needs of co-residents through own behaviour, for example by avoiding noise and other behaviour that disturbs the neighbours.